Nikon SMZ 745

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Nikon's SMZ 745 model is available in binocular and trinocular options for your laboratory needs. You can request a price quote by clicking the "Request a Quote" button above. 

     You can download a brochure for the Nikon SMZ 745 Stereo Microscope Below



  • 7.5x zoom range
  • 6.7x to 50x total magnification with 10x eyepieces
  • Built in C mount with .55x relay lens on the trinocular version
  • Fixed Type Head
  • 45 degree eyepiece inclination 
  • 52mm - 75mm interpupillary distance
  • 10x adjustable eyepieces with 22mm Field of View
  • Optional Auxiliary Objectives 
  • 115 mm Working Distance
  • Multiple Stands Available
  • Multiple Lighting Options Available
  • Nikon Factory Warranty